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Korean Government Announces the National AI Ethics Standards

2020. 12. 9.

On November 27, the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and the Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI) announced the National AI Ethics Standards (hereinafter referred to as "AI Ethics Standards") to suggest desirable AI development and directions of use in the AI era.

In 2019, various AI ethics principles, including the OECD's AI recommendations and the EU's AI ethics principles, were announced, and the Korean government has prepared these standards in line with this global trend. The AI Ethics Standards provides key principles and requirements for members of society to follow together to ethically actualize AI technologies. It sets the highest value to pursue as Humanity and present the three (3) principles and ten (10) requirements for the "AI for Humanity." (Click here for more information)

Although the AI Ethics Standard presupposes the autonomous compliance of members of society, it is expected that businesses related to AI development and utilization will need to pay attention to this standard because it sets the goal we should aim for AI development across the country in the future.


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